Gokul Santol Soap

Gokul santol soap

Made of 100% sandalwood oil & sandalwood powder, this is your skin's best friend. It has anti-bacterial properties that help protect your skin from acne and pimples. The gentle aroma of sandalwood also relaxes the mind and promotes a sense of peace and calm.

Gokul Santol talc

Made of the purest and premium quality sandalwood, Gokul Santol talc adds brightness and gives an even texture to your skin. Its long lasting fragrance and pleasing aroma wafts around wherever you go, keeping you fresh all day long!

Gokul Santol Talc
BB cream

BB cream

To wear makeup and yet look natural is every woman's dream. Our 'Brightening Beauty Cream' is your answer if you are looking for radiant blemish free natural looking skin. With a heavenly blend of sandalwood oil, rose, saffron extract, minerals, vitamin B3 and anti oxidants, our BB cream is full of nutrients that brings life to your skin.


Made from 100% pure sandalwood, rose extracts, sandal oil, saffron & natural minerals, Gokul Santol sandalwood face powder is light and non greasy. The divine combination of minerals and sandalwood gives your face an even tone, making your skin feel as light as air.

Gokul Sandiva
Face wash


Our range of Gokul Premium Talc products have been formulated using essential oils employed in traditional medicine such as Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil & Lotus Oil. Essential oils derived from nature are known for their pleasing aroma that are therapeutic for the mind. All our variants are made from the finest ingredients with no compromise on quality.!


Made of 100% natural sandalwood and mineral powders, Gokul Santol cool is a refreshing start to your day! The minerals help in absorbing your sweat and excess moisture while the cooling properties of Sandalwood reduces bacterial growth and protects you from prickly heat.

Gokul Santol Cool